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Award winners 2011...
We are in the process of adding inspirational stories from the winners of this years' NIACE
Dysgu Cymru Inspire Learners' Awards. Please call back soon for more amazing stories..

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Richard Zimbler...
Richard Zimbler has overcome many obstacles in his life and despite his own barriers has, and remains an inspirational role model to others.

Richard was born with Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (LMBB) amongst other problems associated with this condition, Richard has had deteriorating sight for all of his life and has been totally blind for the last 7 years. Despite his disability Richard has strived to be active in his local community of Welshpool, Powys, through the charities that he volunteers for. Amongst other things he is chairman of the Communities First Partnership on his estate and is a student volunteer for the Open University, helping to promote learning opportunity to others.

Gayle Hudson, Open University in Wales is full of admiration for Richard saying that 'As well as getting his head around the higher education and managing his own studies, Richard has also been keen to work with the Open University and support other students with disabilities and encourage learning within his own community.


He is truly inspirational, many people in his position wouldn't think of the wider community or taking up learning. He has not only started his learning journey, but he is sharing his experiences and inspiring others with disabilities to do the same.

Richard says that 'Since studying on the Openings course from the Open University I have gained a lot of confidence through learning, such as now knowing brilliant ways of note taking for when writing assignments and how to go about doing the various different activities through the Open University website.

Richard is now involved with a huge area of projects including being the Chair for Oldford Communities First, a student volunteer promoting the OU and a student ambassador for the RNIB in Wales. 'I really enjoy helping others' says Richard, 'it makes me very happy to think that even if sharing my experience helps just one person then it is a start as they might then go and tell someone else.


You can watch Richards' video here >>

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