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Learners' Stories

Award winners 2011...
We are in the process of adding inspirational stories from the winners of this years' NIACE
Dysgu Cymru Inspire Learners' Awards. Please call back soon for more amazing stories..

We want your story...
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Luke Blemont...
Luke Belmont left school at an early age (as a non attendee) with no qualifications and the third generation unemployed in his family. As a low achiever in school he was destined for a life on benefits with no aspirations or future plans.

'The challenge', says his nominator, Wayne Carter from Penrhys Partnership  'was to break the cycle of the probable downward spiral. Luke was seen daily outside the chippy with his hood up and head down. Over time positive relationships were made and he was encouraged to take part in a 2 hour taster session in something he was interested in - construction. He was encouraged to work in the community and soon acquired an appetite for learning and sought further training opportunities.'

'Luke became more confident in himself and his self esteem was raised, he became approachable and a role model. He has become a valuable member of our team and acts as an advocate and a role model for many young people in the community...


He has supported another three young people and encouraged many, many more to follow in his footsteps. He regularly attends youth discussion groups, and is now seen in the community as a success story. The perception of youth from the older generation has been transformed by Luke's enthusiasm and ambition.'

Luke says that he now has 'a reason to get up in the morning'. He says 'I would recommend learning new skills to anyone because it has changed my life, benefitted my local community and young people like me can make a difference and have something to offer. I have never been to university but I am on the first step of the ladder. This step has been a huge one for me but I can now look back and say the small step I took at the time has totally changed my life.'


You can watch Luke's video here >>

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