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Learners' Stories

Award winners 2011...
We are in the process of adding inspirational stories from the winners of this years' NIACE
Dysgu Cymru Inspire Learners' Awards. Please call back soon for more amazing stories..

We want your story...
Do you or someone you know have an inspirational storie? If so, we would love to hear from you. Email us at: info@waln.org.uk


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Louise Gregory...
Louise Gregory's life was turned upside in 2005 when she was diagnosed with a critical illness that needed urgent surgery. She was faced with 18 months of grueling treatment, leaving her in constant pain. The illness finally took its toll and caused Louise to lose her job and her marriage. Louise became totally withdrawn and clinically depressed, feeling she had no self worth left and only carried on for the sake of her children.

Louise nominator, Maggie Jenkins says that 'in 2008, after much persuasion by her friends and family, Louise decided to attend NSA STRIDES. To begin with, she was very dismissive of the support STRIDES could offer but three years later it's a different story. Louise's confidence has been restored  and the past is firmly put aside.



Louise's role is to manage a team of staff providing engagement and training across Neath Port Talbot. Many clients have been successful in moving on to further learning and many have found work. Many of the clients who attend NSA STRIDES have limited skills as well as lacking confidence and motivation. To have an understanding of the issues that surround most NSA STRIDES clients is an advantage. Not all clients have the deep emotional impact on their lives that Louise went through, but there are a lot that have.'

There are many positive stories from clients who lacked the skills and confidence, and are now close to achieving some of their goals in life. This is testament to Louise and her team and the belief that Louise gives the clients who feel there is no hope.'


You can watch Louise's video here >>

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