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Award winners 2011...
We are in the process of adding inspirational stories from the winners of this years' NIACE
Dysgu Cymru Inspire Learners' Awards. Please call back soon for more amazing stories..

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Eirlys Bowler...
Born profoundly deaf, Eirlys Bowler has lived in isolation for the majority of her life with little other than facial expressions and body language to comfort her or indicate the nature of the environment she found herself in.

Over the years her disability has impacted on every aspect of her life, but her negative experiences have empowered Eirlys to prove to herself that she is able to steer her life in a way that enables her experiences to benefit others.

Currently enrolled on a full-time Computer Office Skills course at Coleg Llandrillo, Denbigh, Eirlys long term goal is to actually become a tutor of British Sign language and Deaf Awareness courses.

Eirlys nominator, Sylvia Davies, says 'She has shown the determination and perseverance to accomplish every component of the course so far. There is no doubt Eirlys is paving the way for others and showing that if she can overcome these barriers and be supported to fully integrate, this will hopefully give other the confidence to follow in her footsteps.


Eirlys attitude has certainly rubbed off on the class with co-student Helen Williams saying 'Eirlys is a kind a caring person. She has a great personality with a wicked sense of humour and always has a positive attitude towards everything.'

Another classmate, Meinir Angharad Jones agrees, saying 'She is a joy to be around and I count her as a very special friend. She has made me more aware of the specific needs of someone with severe deafness and the effort needed by all to aid essential two way communication.'

Eirlys says' There has been a vast difference in my learning experiences. Despite being born profoundly deaf I have always tried to achieve my personal goals. Bad experiences in the past have not put me off but made me a stronger and more determined person to do well.'


You can watch Eirlys' video here >>

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