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A Time for Learning; Paving the Way to Confintea VI - Edinburgh, Scotland
Hosted by Scotland’s Learning Partnership (SALP), supportted bythe Scottish Government, an International Learners’ Conference took place from 31 March - 4 April 2009 in Edinburgh. The Conference brought together 130 participants from 21 countries, half adult learners and half adult learning providers. 2 main objectives were on the agenda of the conference: to produce an International Learners’ Charter with recommendations on how to involve adult learners in the design, implementation and evaluation of learning provision, and to initiate a Global Advocacy Network of adult learners and providers in support of the Charter’s goals. Several of the international adult learners present in Edinburgh participated in CONFINTEA VI; some are included in their respective official national delegations. A slot has been reserved for the learners to present their International Learners’ Charter to the assembled audience of policy makers and educators from around the world during CONFINTEA VI. Furthermore, under the leadership of SALP and in cooperation with partners from the UK, the learners will organize a workshop on the Learners’ Voice. The adult learners’ movement is an offspring of Adult Learners’ Weeks and other learning festivals and mobilization campaigns. CONFINTEA V in 1997 resulted in the recommendation to launch “International Adult Learners’ Week”, which was done by UNESCO subsequently. Between 2000 - 2008, providers and learners have met and inspired each other across countries and regions within the framework of International Adult Learners’ Week.

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